• $22.50

    LCD Hour Meter

    T56F6, Vibration Activated, Magnet Mounted

    This meter operates only when it is introduced to vibrating equipment and can be installed anywhere on equipment with no special wiring connection or power source to operate.

  • New

    LCD Hour Meter

    T44 Series, Presettable

    This new T44 stores accumulated hours on powerless, nonvolatile data backup using CMOS EEPROM technology. Allows user to preset total hours and replace a failed meter without loss of total elapsed time.

  • New

    LCD Panel Meter

    PT30 Series, Volt, Amp & Frequency Meter

    This panel meter can display voltage, amperage, or frequency using a digital readout and graph. With high accuracy and readability, the PT30 is ideal for any panel mounted application.

  • Electronic Hour Meter

    T50B, 440-480 VAC Hour Meter

    A low cost, reliable hour meter incorporating the latest state-of-the-art in electronics. It’s quartz-crystal time base insures accurate long term time-keeping.